Manage and distribute your production

The production module is the best way to create
tours, stays and personalised trips.

Production platform: manage the content of your suppliers Offline / Online

FacilitaTrip allows tourism companies to digitize their production.

Selling trips in real time has never been easier

Offline / Online production platform

Digitize your production by offering dedicated interfaces to your customers.

Manage your in-house production

Manage your direct contracts. Create and assemble your products. Build stays, tours or packages. Manage bookings and produce travel documents.

Price and stock

Modulate your prices and stocks by distribution channel


We connect your Channel Managers or your other suppliers on demand.


Your customers can integrate our REST APIs to access your production.

Why use our tool?

An interface to digitize your production and market your products more easily

Save time by freeing yourself from all manual and time-consuming tasks to focus on your customer

Our platform adapts to your problems. We build together the features you need

We have built simple and intuitive tools for you and your customers to make conversion easier.

FacilitaTrip is the cheapest travel platform on the market

A quick start. FacilitaTrip can be connected to all your suppliers in less than a month after signing the contract.