A trip planner for
Tour Operators

A complete suite of modules adapted to Tour Operators

FacilitaTrip offers Tour Operators an integrated solution to build and book trips by automating and digitizing their business process

Speed ​​of marketing of your trips

FacilitaTrip makes your business faster and more efficient. You save time and reduce your costs. You concentrate your productive forces on sales and no longer on tasks without added value, which allows you to manage additional income.

Intuitive and customizable at will, we connect your suppliers on demand.

Leverage the strengths of your business

Why use our tool?

An interface to digitize your production and market your products more easily

Save time by freeing yourself from all manual and time-consuming tasks to focus on your customer

Our platform adapts to your problems. We build together the features you need

We have built simple and intuitive tools for you and your customers to make conversion easier.

FacilitaTrip is the cheapest travel platform on the market

A quick start. FacilitaTrip can be connected to all your suppliers in less than a month after signing the contract.